Albert, T. (2009). Winning the Publications Game. Third Edition. Radcliffe Publishing. Oxford
Recommended as additional source of information after the course about publishing in peer review journals. Amazon

Albert, T. (2008). Write effectively. Radcliffe Publishing. Oxford
Fits very well with the content of the course book – important source of examples given in the course. Amazon

Glasman-Deal, H. (2010). Science Research Writing: for non-native speakers of English. Imperial College Press.
This book can help you to improve your language. It is ordered according to the general structure of a manuscript and suggest important words to improve the readability of your text. Amazon

Hrdina, C., Hrdina R. (2009). Scientific English für Mediziner und Naturwissenschaftler. Langenscheidt.
Easy to use – common scientific language with examples. Also relevant for social science. Helps to get the first draft written. Amazon

Greene, A.E. (2013). Writing Science in plain English. University of Chicago Press.
In this book you find tips for “plain” English. These tips can help you to improve your writing and editing. But it does not solve the problem to generate text. Amazon

Reid, N. (2010). Getting Published in International Journals: Writing Strategies for European Social Scientists. Oslo: Norwegian Social Research Institute.
This book describes strategies and give examples of poor and good writing. It is an excellent book if you want to get deeper into writing especially in argument structure, logic, and flow. Amazon